£20 Cheap Driving Lessons Discount Offer NW London

I am for a limited time offering learner drivers a special discount offer of cheap driving lessons from Only £20 per hour in NW London till they pass the test if they join my school now!

See the full details below:

20 full hours of high quality pre-booked driving instruction for only £400, ie £20/hr
10 full hours of high quality pre-booked driving instruction for only £220, ie £22/hr
5 full hours of driving lessons pre-booked for only £115, ie £23/hr
1 hr driving lesson at £25/hr

Terms and Condtions
excludes DSA practical tests. All block bookings must be paid in advance, and 24hrs notice given to cancel a lesson by either instructor or student.

Quote offer UKADI47 and call 07956 233032 today. I will close the offer once I have the required number of learner drivers, and fees will revert to normal rates of £25/hr so hurry take advantage now!!

Driving Instructor Mill Hill NW7 London

Are you looking for affordable driving lessons in North West London with a highly professional knowledgable independent DSA approved driving instructor operating a school in the Mill Hill and Kilburn, areas of NW London, then you've come to the right place.

Driving Lessons in Burnt OakMy name is Shola, I'm an ex AA fully qualified driving instructor who is very passionate about using driving lessons to not only teach learner drivers the necessary skills to pass the UK practical car test but also the importance of being a safe driver long after the DSA examiner has given you that coveted pass certificate.

I am resident in Mill Hill, NW7 London from where my private independent driving school has been operating for about 10yeras providing affordable high quality one on one lessons for pupils in the following post codes: NW2, NW4, NW6, NW9, using the DSA structured learner record with all tuition suited to the individual's ability as shown by the driving lesson video below:

Apart from providing driving lessons in London, I also offer free advice, information and videos for learner drivers via my driving test tips UK driving school website, a service that has been running since 2005 and has proved to be a valuable resource to many in their quest to get a full british driving licence.

In car driving lessons recordingMy driving school car has a video recording system that allows me to record a lesson on to DVD so the learner can review all tuition over and over again in the comfort of your home, a service that is free, all you need to do is provide the DVD, an option not available from any other Mill Hill based or NW London driving instructor and has proved useful to a lot of learner driver students of mine, especially some over 50 elderly ones and has saved them money at the same time. As the service is optional, you need to let me know in advance if you want your driving lesson recorded as I don't want to put off other learners who don't like being recorded with the presence of cameras in the tuition vehicle.

The system is very compact and does not obstruct your view, with the camera taking full view of the road ahead, while the microphone is able to pick up all of the instructors and students words so you able to fully understand what is going on.

A sample recording video clip from the system is shown below, it shows how to deal with the notorius apex corner multi-lane roundabout which you might have to deal with if taking the test in Mill Hill or Hendon NW4 centres:


Intensive Driving Lessons
If you are interested in passing your driving test over a short 5 day period in Mill Hill, NW7 London, then I'm able to offer you a personilised intensive crash driving course. You need to have some previous driving experience, and you need to be aware that these quick pass driving courses are not for everyone, but if you have taken some time off work in London, and would like to attempt getting a full UK licence, then why not get in touch, I'll assess your current driving skills we will arrange a plan to achieve your goal (it will be hard work on both our parts, so be prepared).

The video below should give you an idea of what taking an intensive driving course entails, and whether it is something you should try, the video also includes the views of a learner driver who took intensive lessons before going on to pass his test at the Hendon Test centre in London.
Be careful not to be sucked in by all those driving schools offering a guaranteed test pass with their crash courses, as not all things are as they seem, make sure you read the small print! I will do my ultmost best to give you all the knowledge and practise you require during your crash driving lessons as we go around the Hendon and Mill Hill areas, but I can't guarantee you will pass the DSA driving test, as that is up to you, what you do on the day (nerves can be an issue for some people), how much you can demonstrate to the examiner that you have the skills required to be an independent driver!

Cheap Driving lessons

If you are looking for the best quality tuition and not just dirt cheap driving lessons which could cost you more in the long run due to sub-standard teaching services, time wasting or incomplete knowledge that some partly trained or illegal persons advertising £15 per hour driving lessons in Mill Hill are offering, then why not give me a call today on 07956 233032. Leave me a message if I don't answer, as it would be very un-professional of me to use someone's lesson time to be conducting business with potentially new clients

Mill Hill Driving School Prices
One Hour £25, 2 hrs £48
10 hrs £230 for lessons block booked and paid for in advance.

Please note my school car has manual transmission, so I'm currently unable to offer any automatic driving lessons to residents of North West London, though this is a service I might be offering in the near future.

Driving Test in Mill Hill, Hendon Aviation Sq and Borehamwood centres
If you are taking your practical driving car test at Mill Hill, Hendon DSA or Borehamwood WD6 centres, I would be willing to give you tuition or allow you to hire my driving school car subject to availability.
Other test centres such as Barnet and Watford can also be accommodated, and I would advice you to give me at least a weeks notice to guarantee any chance of me being available for your practical car test, as It can be very busy in Mill Hill during some times of the year and day.

Your first Mill Hill NW London Driving Lesson
Read Highway code before your first driving lessonMany people don't know that there is a lot a learner driver can do before their first driving lesson that will not only help on the day, but could also save them some money.
Once you've decided that you want to learn to drive a car, have applied for and received your provisional driving licence, you don't have to wait for your first appointment with a qualified driving instructor to start the learning process.

The first thing you should do is get a copy of the official highway code, and start reading it, this will not only give you valuable information about driving in the UK, but it is also your first step to preparing for the DSA theory test which you need to pass before you can take the practical car assessment. If possible, read through the book completely before your first driving lesson (this is not compulsary), the knowledge you gain will come in handy and help ease the learning process once you get in the car with an instructor.

Learn the cockpit drill and car controls
If you've never driven a car before, then on your first lesson, the driving instructor is going to take you to a quiet and long road (these can be difficult to find in some areas of NW London) and teach you the cockpit drill (DSSSM) and the car controls before you actually do any physical driving at all. If you've only booked a 1 hour driving session, then you might not move the car at all (especially if you live somewhere like Hampstead Village which has no suitable places for complete beginners to learn in)! You can give yourself a head start by either reading up on the cockpit drill or get a family member or friend to teach you. There is no reason why you should have to pay an instuctor (even if you are only paying £15 per hour) for this, you can also search on the internet to learn the car controls and their function or again a family member can come to the rescue.

All this homework of the learner driver means that any good driving instructor like myself should just be able to check what previous knowledge you possess by asking a few questions, and your answers will confirm that you should be moving on to learning actual driving skills, beginning with moving off and stopping.

I would love to welcome you as a pupil, and look forward to offering you some high quality affordable driving lessons in North West London, so call 07956 233032 Now!

Taking the driving test in Mill Hill London
If you are taking your driving test at the Mill Hill test centre, you might be interested in the instructionl video below, especially if you are not local to the area, as it covers the hardest route in use by the DSA examiners where you have to deal with the dreaded Apex Corner multi-lane roundabout during the 10 minute independent driving section as well as the 70mph A1 dual carriageway, turning right at sterling corner as well as some other tricky locations.

My experience of 10 years as an instructor in this area has helped my nervous and less confident students deal with these hazards and avoid failure, and I have used that knowledge in this video which includes a full commentary to point out the failing/dangerous areas, so if you've already booked your DSA appointment with an examiner, it is worth getting it.

Download Video for £3.99

Early Morning Driving Lessons.
Theory Test Changes 23rd Jan 2012 - What's New

* Offer is valid for a 2hr driving lesson, and can not be split into seperate sessions, and can not be used for a driving test, pass plus refresher or motorway lesson.